To empower you to explore your limits and unapologetically pursue your athletic goals.

To guide and support you in fully being who you are as an athlete, with no limits and no finish line.

To inspire you to choose a life of vitality, adventure, and rare accomplishment.


My Story

I have been addicted to endurance sports my whole life, but it wasn’t until 2002 when I began training for and then competing in my first endurance events. It wasn’t very long after I started to compete and increase my training hours that injury started to pop up. As a committed athlete, with goals in mind, I did whatever I could do to get patched up by local professionals to ensure that I could still train and compete. In 2006, debilitating injury caught up with me and brought all of my training and competing to a screeching halt. At the time injury felt like the worst thing that ever happened to me, but I quickly realized that the injury was my greatest gift. It was at this time that I was just creating Endurance for Life and this injury made me realize that I needed to change my approach as an athlete and a coach.

I realized that neither me, nor any of my athletes, could achieve our goals if sick or injured so at that point I started to train myself and to coach my athletes with LONGEVITY in mind.


  • You can’t fully perform as an athlete without including an injury prevention training program and coaching for the whole person.

  • You’re capable of anything, but you have to listen to and maintain your body. The simple action of listening to your body will permit longevity.

  • Longevity training plus body maintenance is the holy grail for athletes. You can do this the hard way, or the longevity way.

  • If you don’t make time for body maintenance, you have to make time for injury. Almost all injuries as an athlete can be prevented.

  • What your performance is at your current age is a choice.

  • Injury is optional. If you learn how to do your sport well, with proper body maintenance, you can do it for eternity!

  • Getting to the start line and finish line injury and illness free is the ultimate goal.

  • Training is a great accomplishment, It’s like ticking off a hundred boxes instead of just one box at the finish line.

  • Small changes in technique can make a big difference. It’s not about working harder, it’s about being more efficient.

My Toolkit

  • Began my journey into the Fitness Industry in 1994
  • Coached hundreds of athletes since 2004
  • Competitive Cyclist, Runner and Triathlete since 2003
  • Certified Foundational Movement Therapist 
  • Certified ACMG Hiking Guide
  • Certified ACMG Climbing Instructor
  • Coaches Training Institute trained Life Coach
  • Certified Fascial Stretching Therapist – Level 1

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